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(Im)Mobile Ginn? Not so fast!

only 30 days between posts this time!

MG Eclipse Gundam – First Look!

More Mobile Ginn

Maybe Mobile Ginn?

MG Banshee Ver. Ka – First Look!

MG Mobile Ginn – First Look!

Check Yourself!

MGEX Weapons


MGEX Head and Backpack

MGEX – Unicorn Arms

MGEX – Unicorn Legs

MGEX – Unicorn Body

MGEX Unicorn – Away we go!

Wrapping Up the Wing Zero

Wings of the Wing

Lower Wing

Upper Wing

Start from (MG Wing) Zero

MGEX Unicorn Ver. Ka – First Look!

Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka – First Look!

Hisashiburi, Katoki Hajime

MG KYRIOS – First Look!

MG FAZZ Ver Ka Review – 91.4%

Finally a FAZZ!

FAZZ at its Core

FAZZ legs don’t stop!

FazzKa Legs

FAZZinating Head!

FAZZing it up!

MG FAZZ Ver Ka – Second Look!

MG Barbatos Review – 97.1%

MG FAZZ Ver Ka – First Look!

A is for Barbatos Armor

FAZZ February is here!