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MG Sinanju Ver Ka Review – 94.3%

It's about time

The Yellowbird spreads its wings

Sinanju Marking Guide

Sinanju Project Review & Explanation.

YellowBird Sinanju Gallery

Sshh.. don’t scare it away..

What else can go wrong!?


Preliminary results

Black & Gold and a Bazooka

Test Shots

Proper Preparation – Painting Prospers

Things are starting to come together

Color Tests and Blu-Tack!

So maybe I need some help.

It worked! I knew it would!

It’s a gun!

Some odds and ends before I head off.

So I think I may be obsessive/compulsive

This frame thing is almost done.

The last of the masking (probably not)

Body parts everywhere!

Mono a Mono with the Mono-eye

Sinanju Group Build Project!